Graduate Students' Association

The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at the University of Lethbridge is a student body of graduate students, elected by our peers to represent graduate student issues at various levels of the university. Our mandate is to identify graduate student needs in order to ensure policies across the university advocate for students appropriately.

Grad Student Lounge

Location: Markin Hall, room M3005

Grad students are available to use the Grad Student Lounge space in many ways! Studying, storing food (fridge and freezer provided), making tea or coffee (kettles and coffee makers provided), playing foosball, having group meetings, and more! Fahid and Mark (picture on the right) are always accepting challengers!

Booking: Please email or visit us during our office hours.

Using the space: If you would like to use the space, please visit our office in M2041 to receive the access code. As this is a grad student space only, please bring your student ID! :)

Rules: This space is your space!  Please keep it clean and be respectful! 
If the use of this space is abused (e.g., students are not cleaning up after themselves, food is left too long in the fridge, there is a mess found in the microwave) or if students are found being disrespectful to other students within this space, the GSA has the right to change the access code and deny any individual access.