Graduate Students' Association

The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at the University of Lethbridge is a student body of graduate students, elected by our peers to represent graduate student issues at various levels of the university. Our mandate is to identify graduate student needs in order to ensure policies across the university advocate for students appropriately.



The Graduate Students’ Association mandate is to identify graduate student needs in order to ensure policies align appropriately. The GSA represents all academically employed graduate students including all students who are registered as graduate students at the University of Lethbridge and pay either full-time or part-time GSA fees.

The priorities identified by the Graduate Students’ Association include:

  1. Providing an orientation for new members
  2. Organizing social, academic and special events for graduate students (i.e., GSA conference, lecture series, annual wine & cheese, welcome BBQ)
  3. Enhancing financial opportunities available to graduate students
  4. Supporting academic skills development among graduate students independently or in collaboration with other University groups (e.g., Teaching Centre, Library)
  5. Promoting the general welfare of members and act to serve and further the intellectual, cultural, social, and recreational activities of its members
  6. Lobbying on behalf of graduate students at the local and provincial level (through the Alberta Graduate Provincial Advocacy Council, "ab-GPAC")
  7. Negotiating and upholding the terms and conditions of the graduate student’s collective agreement with the University Board of Governors
  8. Improving communication with members by various means (i.e., web site, emails, social media)
  9. Acting as the official interface between students and administration (i.e., SGS)

April 21, 2010