Graduate Students' Association

The Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at the University of Lethbridge is a student body of graduate students, elected by our peers to represent graduate student issues at various levels of the university. Our mandate is to identify graduate student needs in order to ensure policies across the university advocate for students appropriately.

Teaching Centre: GTAPD Workshops

What is a GTAPD Workshop?

The GSA strongly supports the Teaching Centre in their endeavors to offer the Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development (GTA PD) Workshops that will be offered to all U of L graduate students in the fall and spring semesters. This program’s aim is to acquire the knowledge and skills set to teach in the classroom or laboratory and it is a great place for graduate students to get help and advice about being a teaching assistant.

Participation in the Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development (GTA PD) Program and attendance at other Teaching Centre events provides an opportunity for professional development as well as formal recognition of participation. Students who have participated in GTA Professional Development workshops are eligible to receive a “Certificate of Participation” documenting their hours of completed participation in the program. Attendance at other Teaching Centre events (such as the "Talking About Teaching" seminars) is also recognized. This certificate can be a valuable addition to a graduate student’s curriculum vitae when applying for academic positions, doctoral programs and post-doctoral placements.

More information about the GTA Professtional Development Workshops can be found by visiting the Teaching Centre's website.